Payment Information

In the store catalog an emptor may find inspiring photo of item that he has long wanted. In this case rises desire to have got it. Person who was ordering goods on has to be informed in delivery and payment details.

How to Make an Order?

First, the client finds in the store online catalog items, which he likes. Second person may book them and buy. There are three ways to place an order:

1) through the website;
2) using online chat;
3) to contact our manager by phone +353 19036367

Each option has its advantages. For example if client make an order using online chat (with the help of store employees). By this way managers are able to consult detail and advise the best product for each customer. If it is not hard to make a call client can order goods by telephone.

The most popular variant is to book liked items directly through the website. Photos of products displayed on the website are made by professional photographer, that’s why all them are match with real items (which are obtained the clients).

Payment Options

Each client can choose the most suitable payment option. The customer pays for the purchase by one of these methods:

direct bank transfer (more comfortable for local residents);
using PayPal (who has non-bank credit organization);
Visa or Mastercard (for the owners these cards).