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Solar Powered Dummy Camera

Solar Powered Dummy Camera

Realistic Solar Powered Dummy CameraThis Realistic Solar Powered Dummy Camera with blinking LED will..

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CCTV Cameras

Wholesale category for Security Cameras. Wired CCTV Cameras include Night Vision Security Cameras, Dome Cameras, Professional Surveillance CCD units, Vandalproof die-cast metal models, and new Sony Super HAD Security Camera series.

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Outdoor CCTV Camera: Features

The outdoor surveillance cameras have a class of protection from external influences not lower than IP66, often it also has equipped with a night infrared illumination, which allows it to make recording in total darkness. Street video surveillance cameras can be digital (IP) or analog. This article is about Outdoor IP cameras, since analog equipment is obsolete and does not meet modern security requirements. 

Today, many stores offer street cameras in all their diversity, but let's see what Outdoor IP cameras are needed for? If it's Outdoor IP cameras, they connect to a local wired network with a twisted pair cable, or to a wireless network using the built-in Wi-Fi module. Professional HD cameras for the outdoor use are usually connected using PoE technology - data and power transmission over a single twisted-pair cable. This ensures reliable and continuous transmission of the signal from the camera to the DVR, saving on wires and installation work.

 Outdoor surveillance cameras - buy and not lose

Outdoor surveillance camera is used to ensure the security of the house, apartment, cottage and other real estate. These cameras are designed for continuous operation in the harshest weather conditions. Surveillance cameras easily withstand the most severe frosts and high temperatures, snowfalls and torrential rains. The price of outdoor IP camera varies in the widest possible range. Someone will prefer a cheap camera from China, but someone will decide to buy the best HD quality camera from Ireland. But we recommend to buy outdoor cameras based of tasks you want to complete with the purchasing this device, rather than budget.

 Outdoor camera - mobility and accessibility

You can view recording from outdoor IP cameras on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or directly on the monitor of DVR. Usually every manufacturer that produces outdoor video cameras offers its software and hardware. If you intend to buy an outdoor street camera, you should know in advance what kind of DVR it is compatible with. Most of the outdoor IP camera models support the standard Onvif video transfer protocol, which ensures compatibility of devices from different manufacturers. There is a software that is supporting a huge list of different equipment. If you have already installed various outdoor IP cameras, to buy software for them and combine them into a common system would be the best solution.